How To Travel With Dogs


If you’re like me, and treat your dogs like they are your children, then of course you’re going to want to bring them along to share those exciting adventures you take in life. Here are some tips to travel with dogs.

Getting your dog ready for the car is easy. First, you can purchase this backseat hammock from Amazon. It’s waterproof, just in case there is an accident and it helps keep the dog and any messes off of your seats.

To avoid car sickness, have your dog travel on an empty stomach, yet still hydrated. I keep this water dispenser in the car door for easy access. You can also give your dog CBD. This will help calm the dogs nerves and help alleviate both nausea and vomiting.

Before staying in hotels with dogs, verify that the hotels are Pet Friendly. The hotel website will list this or it can be found out by calling. When checking in, you must inform the front desk that you have a dog, along with the number of animals. Most allow up to 2 dogs and charge per dog, per night. The prices range from $25-$100. If you get lucky, some will not charge you at all. The hotel will have you sign a Pet Agreement, this states that if any damage is done to the room, you will be charged. Hotels put most of the Pet Friendly rooms near each other and have easy access to an outside door.

Giving your dog some exercise and CBD before heading to the hotel will help tire out your furry friends and relax their nerves from an eventful day.

While checking in, leave the dogs in the car. Once the keys are received, go find your room and find the closest door to bring them in.

Staying in a new place can be scary for your dogs. Hearing other people talk outside of your room and doors opening and shutting can make your dog bark and act out. Bringing a blanket/bed from home, will make your dogs feel comfortable and at ease. Also bring toys to keep them occupied while in the room. This will reduce the chance of them destroying anything and help keep their attention.

Pet Friendly Chain Hotels

These hotels have low pet fees, have several spots to take your dogs out to the bathroom, and they have treats at the front desk.

Doggy Tips

  • Tire your dog out before heading to the hotel
  • Give your dogs CBD before the car ride/heading to the hotel
  • Turn the TV on to cancel out noises
  • Bring several toys to keep your dog occupied

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