Planning Your Trip With Dogs


Plan activities that are dog friendly, hiking, camping, going to the park, walking around the town, and visiting pet friendly restaurants. There are loads of things to do with your furry friends! Always plan ahead.

If there are times when you cannot bring the dogs along, an option would be to drop them off at a Doggy Day Care center for a few hours or even for a night. With that being said, before travelling, research several places in the location that you’ll be staying in. I prefer choosing a kennel free location, that allows the dog long periods of play time with other dogs.

When searching for a location, keep in mind that your dogs MUST be vaccinated. Different states require different vaccinations, be sure to look on their website or call to verify your dog has all the necessary shots. For example, if you are planning on staying in the Bay area, San Francisco, California, they require your furry friend to have the K9 Influenza Shot (Flu Shot).

Some Day Care centers also require your dog to be spayed/neutered, there are several ones that don’t require it, again, call and verify or check on their website.

Keep in mind, several places require you to do a Meet and Greet. Stay away from these ones, since you won’t be in the area until your scheduled vacation dates. Again, checking their website or calling can verify this information for you.

Doggy Tips

  • Plan ahead
  • Plan dog friendly activities
  • Drop your dog off at Dog Day Care
    1. Kennel Free
    2. Verify the vaccinations and spay/neuter requirements
    3. Verify Meet and Greet requirements

Check out, How To Travel With Dogs for more information.


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